Freestyle Scooter Parts from over 50 top brands in our shop set standards in Europe. Trust the quality and favourable prices at the SK-Shop. At us you will find all the parts you need to design your new self-built freestyle Scooter. Don't hesitate to ask us if you are in doubt about some parts.

Here you will find all parts that you will need to build your own freestyle scooter. Feel free to check our FAQ, and the Hot-to Guideline manual on how to chose matching parts.

Freestyle scooter Parts online

We supply you with the best decks, forks, bar ends, compressions, indestructible grip tape and extra strong bars. With the tools and parts by the Scooter Kickboard Shop, you can assemble your new custom complete without any problems and become the new star rider in your park. We offer all the necessary single parts, wear parts and even exclusive adapter pieces.



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Freestyle Scooter Parts | Handlebars, Forks, Decks, Wheels and much more





If you have any questions about the best parts for your custom freestyle Scooter, you are always welcome to contact the SK team. Of course, we are always happy to receive your feedback, so let us know how your new custom complete has catapulted you to the top! We are sure that the right parts will open up new horizons for every rider. You can sort our freestyle Scooter parts and components by manufacturer or individual part using the practical search function.

The SK shop has Europe's largest selection when it comes to high-quality spare wheels. You can order all common and all special freestyle Scooter wheels for retrofitting. A sharp tip for all beginners is our lexicon with the rules of thumb for putting together a freestyle Scooter: What goes with what?