Freestyle Scooter Wheels, your contact with the ground and the most important part to let your flow really flow. A beginner will be absolutely amazed what a difference new good wheels make on his freestyle scooter. You will find a huge selection of all top brands, including PROTO and Blunt / Envy wheels - the number #01 suggestion by the SK-Shop pro Riders.


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We at the famous SK Onlineshop have all the big brands at our shop. Here you will find the right design and the right product for every desire. It is important that you note the size of the wheel: 100mm, 110mm, 115mm, 120mm or even 125mm. As well as the width, the width of the wheels must fit your fork! In addition, there are different types of wheels, some are better suited for a skate park, the others are build for street scooters. Extra information and insider knowledge can be found here at our freestyle Scooter Lexicon under: freestyle Scooter Wheels.

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Tire change trick scooter - warranty conditions

The wheels of all trick scooters, freestyle Scooters and also city scooters or skateboards are wearing parts! Just like driving a car or bike, so the Wheels wear out with every mile piece by piece. The PU compound is designed so that the Wheels provide the maximum ride comfort, and sufficient grip on the asphalt. The wheels absorb bounces, and absorb a lot of energy while riding. Any bail can damage the wheels. Sometimes opinions about the scope of the warranty on freestyle Scooter Wheels differ widely.

We are happy to share here the warranty conditions on wheels by a major brand in the scene. Below you will find tips and tricks for your next tire change on your trick scooter.


The example wheels come with a 90-day manufacturer's warranty. This includes:

  • de-hubbing of the PU tire from the wheel core
    Ovalization of the hub bearing housing


The Wheels warranty condition does not cover:

  • Flaking of the wheel
    Wheel bearing


De-hubbing means that the core detaches from the wheel. Another problem can be chipping of the wheel, also called chunking. Chunking is when the PU of the wheel breaks off in "ruts" caused by riding on rough surfaces.


As soon as you notice that your wheel shows de-hubbing, chunking, or an oval shape, it is time to replace the wheels. All riders by the SK-Shop team carry various spare wheels with them at all times. Like this you can quickly and easily, if necessary even during a Contestrun perform a wheel change. In our popular Scooter Lexicon you will find a detailed explanation of the PU, the wheel core and most importantly an explanation of how to start riding the new wheels well.


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