A clamp joins different parts together, namely the handlebar and fork (and thus the compression). For scooters, the most common is the "clamp", which correctly aligns the bars on the wheel and holds the handlebars and fork together.

Many riders think that when the handlebars start to wobble, just tighten the clamp, but this is totally unnecessary. The clamps were never designed to protect the front of the freestyle scooter (fork, handlebars, headset, compression) from "wobbling", compression systems were developed for this purpose. That is why you should be careful with the clamp, tighten it, but not too tight.

For a double clamp, you should always first screw in the bottom screw, then the top screw, then the bottom screw. With this technique, the probability of breaking the thread of the clamp is much smaller. As with a triple clamp like Quad Clamp, always tighten the screws one after the other (from bottom to top) until the final strength is reached. This is the only way to obtain the most optimal and therefore maximum tightness.

Number of bolts

Most hose clamps usually have 1 to 4 bolts, however, there are now clamps with 6 bolts! From a logical point of view, however, most clamps with more than 3 bolts are rather useless. The clamp pressure should only be where the handlebar slot is, everything else makes no sense and only adds unnecessary weight. Often, even a single clamp can be sufficient, but a double clamp makes it even more secure. Remember that even with a double clamp, the lower bolt is always the most effective, as it is closer to the slot.


In reality, the weight of the clamp is not very important since it is located at the front of the scooter, so it does not affect the rotation (handlebars and decks). But it does affect the total weight of the scooter.


As there are two handlebar diameters, there are logically also two clamp sizes. The so-called standard clamps have a size of 1-1/4" or 31.8 mm, the "Oversized" clamps (here the abbreviation OS is common) have a size of 34.9 mm, but most OverSized clamps can also be used for standard handlebars as they often include a shim to compensate for the missing size, but check the item description in advance if a shim is actually included.

Here you will find all our clamps for your freestyle scooter.

1 : clamp

2 : bold

3 : steel insert


Steel Insert

Since the combination of the two metals, steel and aluminium, is never a very good thing due to the different hardness of the two, it can happen that the thread of the aluminium flange can tear if you tighten the steel bolt too tight.

Some clamps (e.g. the new District Triple Clamp) use steel inserts to prevent this from happening. However, you should also be careful not to overtighten these clamps.

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