Currently, all ball bearings in our sport are identical in their manufacturing process: they comply with the 608 standard. In fact, ball bearings are not specifically designed for scooters, skateboards or rollerblades, but are mainly installed in machines and other products. In order not to have to make new inventions, the existing ball bearing standards have been adapted by the skateboard industry and therefore in the freestyle movement of great importance. There is an opinion that the quality of the ball bearings is crucial for the speed of the skateboard, which is not correct, because the PU mixture of the wheels and their shape is more important than the ball bearings. But one thing is for sure, good ball bearings will not hurt. Here you can find a selection of good ball bearings in our shop.


The ABEC scale

Most brands talk a lot about the ABEC range. In fact, it doesn't mean much in the world of scooters. Originally, it was a quality label in the industry, but these were machines that turned hundreds of thousands of times a minute. The index goes from 1 to 9. For riders, the ABEC scale is irrelevant. For example, you could make a wooden ball bearing with ABEC 9 with the best precision, but it would break instantly as soon as you get on the scooter. We prefer ABEC class 7, here is the size and number of balls installed for our sport in the most suitable and stable form. Anyone who wants to go a little faster and doesn't want to put stability first can also choose ABEC 9. In fact, for our sport, all the ball bearings are manufactured in large Chinese factories, each brand then signs them with their name and sell them as their own products, but keep in mind that this does not mean that they all produce the same quality. There are differences in production and the resulting quality, so we try to make a choice in advance and do not offer every manufacturer and every ball bearing. The only exception in the ball bearing market is Powell's Bones, who manufacture ball bearings specifically designed for freestyle. As a result, these ball bearings do not bear the ABEC name, but are subject to a completely separate standard.

Mounting of ball bearings

It's almost an art to perfectly fit a ball bearing to a wheel, especially because machines can make tiny dimensional errors in production, so not all ball bearings are the same size. It is therefore sometimes a little more difficult to clean the ball bearing in its housing. The best way to do this is to place the ball bearing on the wheel where it should be placed later, and then screw the assembly together with an axle and some spacers so that the ball bearing is pressed down slowly. We have provided a video on the BLOG under "How to install". If the ball bearing is twisted when you press on it, never screw it down. Remove it, put it back in place and fasten it properly. The "roughest" method is simply to tap the ball bearing. This is possible, but it increases the chances of breaking it. In any case, be sure to work only on the outer ring, otherwise the ball bearing is immediately destroyed.


Ball bearing maintenance

The best maintenance of ball bearings is to regularly remove the plastic protection from the bearing and clean the inside. There are also special products for cleaning ball bearings, in which you insert the bearings and clean them. Then grease well, never use oil or lubricant, it must be suitable bearing grease, Vaseline or grease. If you buy new used wheels, it is advisable to use new / new bearings, instead of keeping the old ones of the wheel, because bearings are sometimes broken and of course, on the whole, ball bearings are cheaper than a wheel.


Stunt Scooter Bearings

The spacers between the ball bearings are very important for the bearings to roll properly. Without spacers, the bearings would be under pressure and would not be able to rotate. Therefore, do not overtighten the axle or forget the spacer.


Protective bearing rings (dust cover seal)

They are located between the inner and outer ring of the ball bearing and protect it from dust and moisture. Some bearings have them on both sides, others on only one side. However, it is always important that the plastic caps face outwards. There are also ball bearings with steel caps, but they can be deformed by impact and are therefore no better than plastic.

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