Blunt Envy Colt S5

The new model is lighter than the previous Colt S4 and has a beautiful metallic look with modern geometric graphics. The goal of the Colt S5 series by 2021/22? To offer a freestyle scooter with high quality parts of the Prodigy model at an attractive price.

The new S5 is available in four different colors:

  • Black
  • Green
  • Red
  • Teal


The matte black handlebar made of 4130 cromoly steel is the same as the Prodigy S7, extremely robust and has the perfect height for young riders (Overall height: 84cm.) The Colt S5 scooter is aimed primarily at young riders. Have you perhaps already tried the ONE and are clear for the next step?

Blunt Scooters present with the new 2022'er Colt S5 a very appealing entry-level trick scooter of the very latest generation. While the models KOS S7 and PRODIGY S9 are aimed more at older kids and teens, the Colt S5 is the first choice for all young riders.



Envy COLT S5


Blunt Envy COLT S5 | SK-Shop 2021/22



A freestyle Scooter for under 180,00€ with the very best parts and a hot design?! BLUNT Envy Scooters has made it possible. We are happy with all new trick scooter beginners and kids.


BLUNT Colt S5 Specs

  • Deck: Series 6 aluminum with 82.5° angle | 495mm x 120mm
  • Fork: Chromoly Grade Premium IHC CNC P2 compatible 30mm x 125mm
  • Handlebar: Cromoly Prodigy High Strength Steel, 580mm x 520mm
  • Grips: 160mm TPR with nylon tips
  • Clamp: 6061 aluminum COLT 2 x 6mm bolts
  • Wheels: Diamond 24mm x 110mm PU 86A with ABEC 9 bearings
  • Brake: Nylon 5mm
  • Weight: 3,74 kg
  • total height: 84cm
  • Total length: 68cm


The newly designed TPR handles stand out directly in the eye, also the great paintwork and the extremely modern processing pleases every professional. The total weight of only 3.74 kg. is perfect for all young riders. For comparison, a new Prodigy S9 Street Scooter from Blunt weighs a ¼ kg more!

The great new clamp makes mounting a breeze! You just have to fix the handlebars and off you go. The steel handlebar is extra stable and forgives the one or other crash landing.

We at the SK-Shop are your Blunt Envy freestyle Scooter brand partner. We guarantee to all our client that all spare parts are quickly and easily available by our own warehouse to be deliver. All warranty questions will be answered by our Bluntscooter after-sales special team. Here you buy your new Blunt Colt S5 by the EU Envy freestyle Scooters specialist. Click here to go back to all available Blunt freestyle Scooter completes. Enclosed is a link attached to more beginner trick scooters at the SK-Shop.