High quality protective equipment

Protectors such as helmets, kneesleves and pads can be found on every street corner these days. Unfortunately, many of the offers are absolutely not suitable for modern action sports (freestyle scooters, BMX, longboards...). When you order your new protection set from us at the SK Onlineshop, you can be sure that you will receive absolutely high-quality protection bundles and individual parts. We sell protective equipment by brands with official DIN and EN certificates.

The SK protections are mostly verified according to the EN 1075 European Standard. If you are still in doubt about the right size for your new helmet, you are welcome to contact our customer service at any time. We at the SK Shop are always happy to help and advise. Some brands have practical tables with which you can determine the right size yourself.

High quality protective equipment is a must for all action sports enthusiasts. Don't forget to replace your helmet after a hard fall. A visual inspection is not enough. Micro cracks could make the next crash less tolerable. Just like a bicycle helmet, a freestyle scooter and skate helmet should be replaced after every hard crash. 2nd hand offers are absolutely not advisable. When it comes to protective equipment, only trust new goods by top brands. P.S. Only with a certified helmet and appropriate pads are you allowed to ride in a contest. An important point that many young aspiring riders forget.