You have been riding a freestyle Scooter for some time now and many tricks have become easy for you? If so, you have reached the advanced level. One small step and a few stylish jumps further and you are a pro. Here you will find freestyle Scooters to suit your skills, including top brands such as: Envy and Ethic DTC.


Freestyle scooter Advanced Level

We, the pro's of the SK Team, highly recommend you to take a step between your beginner freestyle Scooter and your newest pro setup. A freestyle scooter that is too small or too light will frustrate you more than it will improve your skills. Here at the freestyle scooter complete Advanced category you will find all the complete freestyle Scooters that perfectly fit your needs. Maybe you can test a Pro Scooter at the next event, you will quickly notice the big difference to a beginner scooter. Your new Advanced Scooter is clearly in between the two different models.

P.S. Around 80% of all scooter riders see themselves as beginners. Only a small proportion are so ambitious that they see themselves developing and significantly increasing their skills. It takes a lot of perseverance and stamina. If you are here and find the right freestyle scooter; you may soon be in the golden royal class of pro riders and pro freestyle scooters.



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SK-Shop | freestyle scooter / Advanced Rider Level



Advanced equals for freestyle Scooter for advanced riders. A typical freestyle trick scooter from the advanced category is priced in the mid-range, but can quickly slide into a somewhat higher price range by upgrading various components. Advanced freestyle Scooter riders have the right parts in mind when ordering the new complete. Here at the SK-Shop, we offer a wide range of options for tuning and upgrading your advanced scooter.

Big names such as Envy Scooters, Ethic DTC, Fuzion Pro Scooters, TILT, Versatyl, Aztek, Striker and many more supply us with high-quality and extra stable freestyle Scooters for advanced riders. Of course, all freestyle scooter freaks, pro riders and aspiring riders will find the entire range of accessories in our shop. As an advanced rider you will definitely need a chic transport bag for your complete, wax for the next rail, one or more stands for your freestyle Scooter collection... check here our shop category with all freestyle Scooter accessories.