Blunt Colt S5 Complete

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Blunt Colt S5 Stuntscooter, Trick Scooter and freestyle Scooter number 1 of the year 2022. Now (*Nov. 2021) the new 5 series LITLLE WEAPON 2022 from Blunt Scooters is finally here. This model is lighter than the Colt S4 and has a beautiful metallic look with modern geometric graphics. The goal of the Colt S5 series? To offer a scooter with high quality parts from the Prodigy model at an attractive price. A complete COLT is the ideal freestyle scooter for all riders who want to start riding a scooter or already have a beginner/intermediate level. The scooter comes pre-assembled, just attach the handlebars and ride! We are your Blunt brand partner on the net.

The new S5 is available in four different colours:

  • Black
  • Green
  • Red
  • Teal

The matte black 4130 cromoly steel handlebar is the same as the Prodigy S7, extremely robust and has the perfect height for young riders (overall height: 84cm.). The 160mm TPR grips have been updated with a Smoke Look and offer excellent grip and long-lasting durability. The Premium Grade CNC P2 2 screw clamp made of Amuliminum 6061 is very easy to mount and provides a secure connection between the handlebar and the rest of the frame. The deck of this new model is made of 6061-T6 aluminium, very light and with high quality paint finishes and nylon reinforcements front and rear. The new 110mm Wheels made of 6063 Diamond with PU 86A ABEC 9 bearings offer comfort and smoothness. The Colt S5 fork is now a Chromoly IHC P2 fork, the same model as the famous Prodigy S8, and is compatible with 125mm wheels. The Colt's have a nylon brake and are equipped with front and rear plate inserts for slides and grinds.

The Colt S5 scooter is primarily aimed at young riders who want to start with a beginner level and/or reach an intermediate level and learn and perfect their first tricks in the skatepark!


Blunt Colt S5 Complete Specs

  • Deck: Series 6 aluminium with 82.5° angle | 495mm x 120mm
    Fork: Chromoly Grade Premium IHC CNC P2 compatible 30mm x 125mm
    Handlebar: Cromoly Prodigy High Strength Steel, 580mm x 520mm
    Grips: 160mm TPR with nylon tips
    Clamp: 6061 Aluminium COLT 2 x 6mm bolts
    Wheels: Diamond 24mm x 110mm PU 86A with ABEC 9 bearings
    Brake: Nylon 5mm
    Weight: 3,74 kg
    Total height: 84cm
    Overall length: 68cm