The front and rear axles or pins are the parts that attach the wheel to the fork or deck. The parts are also exposed to heavy continuous loads. The use of pegs further increases this load. It is therefore in your interest and, of course, for the durability of your scooter to use good axles, especially if you want to make big jumps. All scooter axles have a diameter of 8 mm to fit the standard ball bearings of skateboards. The thread of an axle can be either on the outside or on the inside. If the thread is on the inside, the axle is obviously lighter and fits a 5 mm Allen key. If the thread is on the outside, the axle is much more stable, but also heavier. They are usually tightened with nuts. Both types of axles are also suitable for pegs.

When mounting, it is important to make sure that the pegs are not attached on the side with the thread, otherwise the pin could break very quickly. There are steel axles, they are silver in colour and stronger axles that are always black. We believe that the higher weight of the axles should play a minor role and that the emphasis should be on stability. Buy axles of the right length as soon as possible after hardening. Hardened axles usually have a nut as a locknut, which makes the system a little coarser, but it almost always lasts.

1 : screw head (male)

2 : compression space

3 : female thread

4 : axle



The length is very important for the axles, the ends must be in contact with the fork or deck. If the axle is too short, you can still screw the bolt in, but the load on the not fully recessed bolt will soon be too heavy and the axle will break. If the axle is too long, it is not that serious, you can simply use spacers on the outside to reduce the distance.


Titanium axle

There are titanium axles on the market. There is a misconception that titanium axles are always more stable because they are stronger than steel axles, but this is not true. One of the reasons you use titanium axles is that, unlike steel, they are much more flexible than steel axles. Of course, titanium axles weigh about 20g less on each axle. With Pegs you should use titanium axles, and under no circumstances should the forces that build up on the axles cause the titanium axles to break quickly.

Here you will find a link to our range of axles for freestyle scooters.

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