The Freestyle Scooter Griptape has a rough surface similar to sandpaper, on which you put your feet to improve grip on the scooter and keep you in control. Again, most of the companies that make grips are in the skateboard industry. They are simply the ones with the most experience and can draw on many years of development. The grip usually has a small grain and is therefore not extremely rough, but rather thinner, with a good grip on the feet for easier positioning, especially when tricks are performed. On the scooter, a rougher grip can also be used, as the handlebars help to hold the scooter. The rule of thumb is that the rougher the anti-slip tape, the greater the wear on the sole. Once again, the scooter industry has discovered that grips are necessary for the special requirements of the rider. The Hella-Griptape company is particularly outstanding in the USA, where a completely new and very durable surface has been developed, which is based on the needs of the riders.


Some grips are pre-cut to match the shape of some decks. But since they are only designed for certain decks, they will not fit on any other. You can see in the shop when the grips are offered for certain decks or not. In our shop you will also find grips from the skateboard industry, these are of course wider and longer than needed for the scooter. Therefore, if you cut it cleverly, you will be able to use it up to three times.


Firstly, the plate must be perfectly clean of any remains of the old grip. This works best with alcohol, or vinegar water. If there is any dirt or glue left on the deck, the tape will not stick and you will have to start all over again. We recommend removing the axle and brake from the deck, which makes it easier to apply the grip. If you have purchased grip sheets that are too large, place the grip with the rough surface on a table, then place the deck on the grip and trace the outline of the deck with a fine pencil. You can use a box cutter (under parental supervision) or a pair of scissors to cut out the shape. Warning: when using a pair of scissors, be aware that it is not easy, so don't take your parents' most expensive scissors. Then cut inside the line, the grip should be about 1 to 2 mm thick in the surface of the deck, otherwise it will dissolve too quickly because the edges are open and dirt and water can penetrate from underneath. So, if the deck is clean and the grip cut to the right size, remove the grip sheet and press gently and evenly from back to front to avoid air bubbles. Take your time, because a properly applied grip looks better, lasts longer and, most importantly, fulfills its purpose better.

PRORIDER's Tip: If you often have to cut grip for the same deck, it would be advantageous to cut a stencil from the cardboard deck. This saves a lot of time when cutting the grip.

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