Blunt Envy freestyle completes, order at the online store of the SK-Shop. Here you will find a huge selection of all Envy Blunt models: Colt, KOS, ONE, Prodigy. For every rider level the right complete. And to make your Blunt setup complete, you are able to order all original Blunt freestyle Scooter clothing, T-shirts and hoodies for all true fans. We are BLUNT / ENVY brand partner. Celebrate now with us the new 2022 BLUNT complete collection, of course as always available here at the famous freestyle scooter onlineshop, the SK-Shop.



BLUNT / ENVY freestyle Scooters

BLUNT complete freestyle Scooter 2021/22 the latest collection, just a click away: Prodigy S9, KOS S7, Colt S5. The new Prodigy S9 or the Prodigy S9 Street is very much what every Streetrider is dreaming of. The KOS also satisfy on full line and becomes another BLUNT freestyle Scooter bestseller at the SK-Shop for sure.

For children, either the brands new BLUNT Colt S5 or the slightly older BLUNT ONE is particularly suitable. Here you can find all the information about the great beginner scooters and videos for assembly: BLUNT Colt S5 (2022) Blunt ONE (2021).