Complete BLUNT scooters, to be ordered at the SK-Shop. You will find all top models of the hot Blunt complete freestlye scooters, including the most famous models : Colt, KOS, ONE, Prodigy. We are your Blunt / Envy scooters brand dealer.


BLUNT / ENVY freestyle Scooters

The SK-Shop guarantees to offer you the perfect Blunt freestyle scooter for your level and your needs! Indeed, Blunt / Envy scooters are without doubt the brand which offers the largest range of complete scooters for all levels, all sizes and all styles at the most affordable prices. Find the emblematic freestyle scooters of the brand used by the best riders of the Blunt team like Flavio PESENTI, Jonathan PERRONI or Charles PADEL.

Here at the SK-Shop, you will find the Blunt / Envy ONE S3 model from Blunt and all its different color variations. It is the entry-level complete stunt scooter of the brand, perfect for the youngest and smallest children (up to 1m40 !)

The Prodigy S8 freestyle scooter from blunt is a must-have model for all beginner stuntriders thanks to its lightness and unmatched maneuverability!

The Colt model from Blunt is the ultimate model for riders who already have an intermediate level of stunt scooter and want to upgrade. Moreover, it will seduce you with its modern and innovative design.  

In a different range, the KOS S6 model by Blunt Scooters is the complete premium pro scooter used by the greatest like Charles Padel or Flavio Pesenti.