Jumpack Skateramp

Here at the SK-Shop you can order the new hot Jumpack scooter / skate ramps at a special price! We are EU brand partner of the hot brand. The amazing Get Air Everywhere skateramps are mega flexible and extra stable. Packed in a modern backpack you can take your Jumpack Trickscooter Ramp everywhere. Even on the plane it is no problem to take the Jumpack Skateramp with you. The pack size is minimal and when built up your possibilities are unlimited. All freestyle scooter riders, but also all BMX, inline skaters, skateboarders, RC car friends and many more will be more than excited about the new Jumpack Get Air Everywherer Skateramps.


Jumpack - GET AIR EVERYWHERE! The new hot kicker ramps for freestyle scooters, BMX, inliners, skateboards, RC cars... with everything that makes fun can jump over the Jumpack Skateramps. Here at the SK-Shop you can order the portable skateramps for a special price. We are Jumpack brand partner Europe. The skateramps are set up within a few moments. They last a lifetime and challenge every trick scooter rider to even higher and better jumps!

Click on the product above for more information about the super hot stunt scooter jump ramp at a special offer price at the SK store.