Complete Stunt Scooter


There are many complete scooters of different makes, most of them for beginners.

You will find here all our brands of complete stunt scooters.

On Scooter Kickboard, you have a choice, we offer you your favorite brands specialized in the scooter industry:

Blunt : Blunt Envy scooters is an Australian company. The products are designed by a team that has been working in the industry for years. They have a lot of knowledge and experience and they know how important it is to have the right equipment.

Blunt Envy Scooters offers a wide selection of quality scooters and parts such as handlebars, decks, wheels, headset, forks, grip tape, and brakes.

Blunt Envy scooters are designed for enthusiastic and committed riders. Blunt's vision is to provide the highest quality parts to riders of all experience and skill levels.

Ethic :Ethic DTC designs spare parts: wheels, steering sets and decks for scooters. More recently, the group has also started to offer complete scooters.

Ethic is a new manufacturer which articulates its vision and production around ethical values, as its name indicates. Ethic wishes to oppose a market that it considers to be regulated by money. Their main goal is to be able to offer quality parts accessible to all, so that the scooter industry becomes more independent and innovative than it is today.

Root Industries : Root Industries, based in Australia, the company manufactures high quality, professional quality scooter parts. They have used Australian riders for product design, development and testing. The brand is proud of its presence in the field, ensuring that its products meet the needs of all riders, whether they are riding on the street or in the park.

Root does not have a single location, but has a network of production specialists looking after every component needed to ensure the best possible quality. Their motto is: "In search of perfection", and these words are followed to the letter by the brand's creative team and its riders.

Triad : Triad Oath aims to provide the best possible scooter parts. This means that when you buy a part from Triad Oath, you will not only get a product that meets today's standards, but also a fork, wheel, deck or handlebar that will meet the future requirements of scooter riding.

The team behind Triad has over 20 years experience in the manufacture of scooters. The company works with some of the world's most influential riders to ensure that Triad remains one of the leading brands in the community.

Versatyl: Versatyl scooters come from the founders of Ethic. The brand offers a rich range of scooters for beginners, but also more essential and innovative parts for the trotting scene, tested over the years by the parent company Ethic, so you can be sure to get the quality of choice.

Versatyl products are perfect for any beginner or intermediate rider. Their eye-catching graphics and flashy colours will make your head spin. With their excellent value for money, you're sure to get durable parts.


Invert : Invert Scooters is a new brand in the scooter world, it is in partnership with Triad & Oath Scooters, and represents the brand with the best value for money.

Designed and developed in the UK, the brand's products feature powerful visual effects on their decks and other parts.

The main aim at Invert Scooters is to offer complete freestyle scooters at affordable prices for parents and their children, while having technical parts used on often much more expensive scooters. The brand has focused its spending on the design of the scooters and not on marketing in order to keep its range of scooters affordable.


You can find entry-level products designed for young riders or beginners unfamiliar with scooters : Link to our freestyle scooters for beginners

Of course, and unfortunately, many very poor quality products have become widely available through non-specialist retailers. Basically, you should not buy a freestyle scooter just anywhere. 

 At Scooter Kickboard, our team of pro-riders test the brands we offer in real time.

A complete scooter is the first step for a young person into the world of freestyle scooter riding. We cannot disappoint and we strive to offer durable and practical products.

The freestyle scooter being a relatively dangerous sport and in which safety is paramount for the practice, we have selected for you brands invested in its sectors and which have focused on the quality of their products: Blunt / Ethic / Root Industries / Triad / Versatyl / Invert.

What price for my scooter?

Up to 150 euros: Beginners, under 12 years old. Begins in the discipline and has never ridden a scooter.

From 150 to 230 euros: Scooter from 10 to 14 years old for a child who is already a fan and has already practiced and wishes to actively progress. His scooter will be able to evolve along with him by changing parts as he goes along; all Scooter Kickboard parts are made in standard sizes. Find here all the spare parts.

Above 230 euros: from 13 years old for a child who has already tried freestyle scooter riding and will be able to develop permanently with his scooter.

Why buy a complete scooter and not piece by piece?

Building a freestyle scooter can have advantages and as many disadvantages, find all our explanations on this page.

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