Stunt Scooter Brake

The brake is located above the rear wheel and controls the speed. You can therefore reduce the speed. The brake is particularly suitable for "Manuals" or "Tire-Taps" (complete stop). There are many types of brakes depending on the manufacturer. They are not always compatible with all chainrings. Therefore, always ask beforehand if the brake you want to buy is compatible with your deck. Here you will find our wide selection of brakes for freestyle scooters.



The brakes are mainly made of aluminium and steel. Aluminum brakes are lightweight and do not overheat quickly. But they do use friction quickly. Steel brakes often come in the form of a Flexfender brake. Although they overheat easily they are more durable. Depending on the thickness, they can be very heavy and, if they are flat, they can deform the wheel when braking hard and create a flat spot.

Broken Brake

So first of all, the brakes are part of the wear parts of the scooter (just like the ball bearings and the wheels) because there are so many possibilities that the brake can. There are causes such as falling directly onto the brake deck, overheating, lateral application of the braking process leading to increased shear forces, incorrect mounting, mounting on a deck that is not suitable for the brake, etc.


Driving brakeless is like BMX driving, it is also an option. The more experienced you are, the less brake is used, because you have better control of speed and agility.

If you know that you can do any trick without brake, it is possible to ride without brake. So the rear deck is a little lighter and has a better rotation. But you need a very good control and a lot of experience to be able to drive without brakes.

Of course, most riders drive with a brake because they want to keep the safety of a brake and not wear out their shoes too quickly.

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