Stunt Scooter Handgrips

The handgrips used for the scooters are originally identical to those used for BMX, brands such as ODI or Animal are classics and are of impeccable quality. But even the scooter industry has discovered by itself handles adapted to the rider's particular needs.

Most BMX grips have what is called a bridle (handle end), but these bridles are not really necessary on a scooter. Therefore, more and more bridle-free brand handles are available on the market. Here you will find all the handles of our freestyle scooters.


The best way to install the handgrips is to use hairspray, spray the handgrips and bar completely and pull the handgrips, line up and wait. As it dries, the hairspray will stick firmly to the handgrips and you won't be able to slip. When the handgrips need to be replaced, simply cut them lengthwise, clean the bar of hairspray residue with alcohol or similar and start again.


There are 2 different types of handgrips, hard and soft. Soft handles are generally more comfortable, but wear out more quickly. There are many different types. The grooved ones are generally more comfortable than those without grooves or with complex designs. In our shop we offer the brands that we consider to be good hangrips. There are softer, harder, thicker and thinner ones, but to find "your" handle, just try them out.

Foam handgrips

Foam grips are becoming old-fashioned and many riders no longer use them. However, they are very comfortable and reduce blistering. People with sweaty hands have the advantage of having foam handgrips, rather than slippery ones. Unfortunately, these handles are no longer available in good quality, so you won't find them in our shop anymore.


We are often asked which products last the longest or which are the best. It depends on several factors: Depending on the driving style and the chemical composition of the handles, they will last more or less long. For example, there are motorcyclists among you who use grips for both riding and accelerating, which promotes wear and tear for example, or, as mentioned above, if you have excessive hand perspiration (and this is not so rare) which further increases the wear and tear on the grips. By combining these two factors, it is very often necessary to replace the grip. Like brakes, wheels, bearings and grip tapes, the handles belong to the wearing parts.


In any case, we recommend that you use bar-ends to protect the bar when the scooter hits the ground. In addition, it is also a good protection for your palm, or if you happen to ride too close to a wall or similar situations. Nowadays, bar-ends are often included with the grips, but you should always look in the description to see if this is the case. If this is not the case, we offer the brand Animal, which offers handlebar tips in our shop. For ALU bars, the commercially available bar tips are a little too big, but cut with a sharp knife, they also fit into the narrower end of the handlebar.

Bar extensions

If you don't want to change your bar, simply modify it, we recommend our bar extensions. This will extend your scooter handlebar on both sides. Matching handlebar extensions are available for aluminium and steel handlebars. For our handlebar extensions you do not need any additional handlebar ends.

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