Gibbon Slacklines

Discover now a wide range of Gibbon Slacklines on our website SK-Shop! The whole Scooter-Kickboard team is delighted to propose you new extreme sports articles and is very pleased to announce its close collaboration with the renowned brand Gibbon Slacklines.


Gibbon Slacklines SK-Shop

If you want to be initiated to the practice of the slackline, this discipline which concentrates both fun and effort, don't wait any longer to order yours at the best price available in all Europe here at SK-Shop. Gibbon is undoubtedly the most famous brand in the slackline domain and has helped to make the discipline accessible to all thanks to its affordable and ingenious products.

You will find at the SK-Shop a large variety of Gibbon slacklines adapted to all levels and all practices like shortline, jumpline or trickline. Indeed, Gibbon develops products appropriate for all ages and levels, from the youngest children to the experts in the field and even for travelers who want to bring their slackline everywhere with them!

You can also find on our website the TreeWear sets which are the essential protections to protect the tree and the slackline against tears when you practice! With your order, feel free to get the Gibbon Slacklines app available on IOS and Android platforms that will guide you in your progress and put you in touch with open-minded slackline family members from all over the world! Plus, the GIBBON app is completely free!