BLUNT Prodigy

NEW - now available! The new BLUNT Prodigy S9 in 6x different colors. Order now exclusively at the famous SK-Shop. Fast delivery and premium customer service guaranteed. The BLUNT Prodigy is an absolute classic among the TOP Pro freestyle Scooters. Just as the brand BLUNT itself also belongs to the real freestyle Scooter legends. If you are looking for more information about the brand BLUNT, then click on the link and discover the long-standing partnership of SK-Shop and the number 1 freestyle scooter brand. Click here to go back to the overview with all other BLUNT Envy freestyle Scooters.



Blunt Envy Prodigy Series 9

6x fresh colors full of Prodigy Power by BLUNT Scooters! We celebrate it, and look forward as every year to the latest season's collection of the most popular Pro freestyle scooter. Check the specs and join the ranks of all BLUNT Prodigy trickscooter riders.

  • Bar: Reaper V2 Aluminium 620mm x 540mm
  • Fork: Prodigy Diamond 6061 IHC Aluminium, kompatibel mit 125x30 Rädern
  • Wheels: 120mm GAP Core 24mm breit 86A PU
  • Deck: Prodigy Aluminium 6061-T6 495mm x 120mm
  • Total height: 88cm
  • Weight: 3,5 kg


S9 is the ninth evolution of the bestseller, available in the old Oil Slick and Swirl colors, but also in four new colors: Black Oil Slick, Galaxy, Hex and Toxic. What's new on the S9? The new Diamond fork, an ultra-design element of this new model. The new colors, the fierce wheels, the stable deck... a dream.

Experience your new Prodigy S9 now at the great BLUNT Scooters product video here at your SK-Shop freestyle store.



Prodigy Street S9

All Envy / Blunt brand friends know it already, there is a popular Prodigy Trickscooter  street variantion. The Prodigy Street Scooter by Blunt has a sturdy steel T-bar and a different deck. So as the name suggests it, the S9 Street Prodigy Model is aimed at all street rippers and shredder riders among you. The key data of the new 2022'er Prodigy let all freestyle scooter riders' hearts beat faster.

  • Bar: 4130 Cro-Mo T Style 650mm x 560mm
  • Fork: Prodigy Diamond 6061 IHC Aluminium, kompatibel mit 125x30 Rädern
  • Wheels: 120mm GAP Core 24mm breit 86A PU
  • Deck:Prodigy Street Aluminium 6061-T6 520mm x 125mm
  • Total heigth: 90cm
  • Weight: 4kg


Prodigy S9 Street Edition - What's your favorite by this year's hot Blunt scooters range? Black / Teal, White / Black or Grey / Green? The thick designs will generate a lot of attention everywhere for sure. The Prodigy S9 Street is available at the SK-Shop in 3x modern colors.

What's new on the S9 Street? The new Diamond fork is the centerpiece and is guaranteed to get you very excited. The deck is slightly longer and wider than the classic square corner model and is perfect for the street rider spots in town.



The bar is also customized as it is higher, wider and T-shaped. The 120mm GAP CORE wheels bring speed and comfort during every workout.



Differences Prodigy S9 and S9 Street


Sum up

Prodigy S9

Prodigy S9 Street


Reaper V2 Aluminium 620mm x 540mm

4130 Cro-Mo T Style 650mm x 560mm


Prodigy Aluminium 6061-T6 495mm x 120mm

Prodigy Street 6061-T6 Aluminium 520mm x 125mm


3,5 kg

4,0 kg

Total height

88 cm

90 cm


The Prodigy Blunt Street S9 is slightly larger, sturdier and heavier than its brother the Prodigy S9. The bar on the Street is wider and higher, the deck is also wider and longer as on the regular Prodigy S9 trick scooter. Identical on both models are the wheels and the new Premium Fork which is compatible with up to 125mm wheels.

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