Freestyle scooter and action sports accessories by the best brands at bargain prices. Here you will find everything a real freestyle scooter rider needs. The SK-Shop presents the best and the cheapest accessories from A to Z. Below you will find more information about the different SK-Shop freestyle scooter accessories categories. Use the search filters or click on one of the buttons to go directly to your searched category in the store. We are among others KROM Kendama and Gibbon Slacklines brand partner!

Scroll through our freestyle scooter accessories offer, use the search filters or navigate directly to your favorite category. Our bestsellers are the EU brand helmets, the special trickscooter knee pads and arm pads, as well as our mobile skateramp in a special backpack format. In addition to the high-quality protections, we carry many other sophisticated stuntscooter accessories items. Brand new are the great Kendama's and the hip Gibbon Slackline's!

TSG, Pro-Tec and ALK 13 helmets, pads and much more, the ultimate protections against injuries in action sports. You will find here protectors for freestyle scooter riders, for longboarding but also for BMX and or rafting.

Funsport and Actionsports accessories

What do you need to ride a freestyle Scooter? Anyway, a high-quality freestyle Scooter with good parts of the best brands. On top of this the SK-Shop provides you with the best Skateramps, Kendama, Slacklines and much more.

A skateramp brings your skatepark home. Suitable protectors give you access to the biggest and coolest skateparks. Also you can participate in a contest with a professional helmet!

Matching clothing of the hottest freestyle Scooter brands offer only a few stores. Here at SK-Shop you will find freestyle Scooter and action sports clothing of the phattest brands from the scene.

All connoisseurs appreciate our Kendama collection very much! And also the Krasava Scooter Bags have already found some buyers and fans with us. Here you can go back to the homepage, and here you can find our chique skateboards.