Jumpack Pro 3 Stage Jump Ramp

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Jumpack Pro 3 Stage Jump Ramp - mega fun for all Scooter Riders & Co.

Building your own wodden jump ramp was yesterday, now the Jumpack Pro 3 set is available as a practical and indestructible folding version. Packed together, the Ramp is not bigger than a double bike bag and super easy to carry. Expanded in different formats, the stunts can be executed within a few seconds. The new 3. version will give you for a long, long time much fun and air time!

Jumpack Pro 3 Stage Jump Ramp Stunt Scooter

The ramp is also suitable for inliner and skater. Our Stunt Scooter Pro Team Riders have confirmed for 100% that it is a real brand ramp that does what it promises. We deliver the scooter ramp free of charge.


  •     Max. Height 42cm.
  •     Max. Load 90kg.