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Are you looking for the best freestyle scooters on the market? Here at the Europe based SK-Shop we offer you only the best freestyle scooter brands this plant has right out of our own warehouse! We traveled the world to connect to the hottest suppliers and upcoming Brands out there. Once when Blunt, Ethic DTC or Versatyl were not known by a lot of people; we were already making deals with them. Use the promocode "MYNEWSCOOTER" to get a 5% price reduction on every complete we have.


Freestyle scooter completes

No matter if you are a bloddy beginner or a hyped professional, we got the right freestyle scooter complete for all your demands. Even if you want a 100% exclusive hand build custom scooter you are at the right address. Why don't you try our filter options to search for the freestyle scooter you were dreaming about all the years. If you are in doubt which model would be the best choice, just give us a call or send a message and our team riders will have a look at your options.


Freestyle Scooters & Parts

Here at the SK Shop we offer you a wide range of all sorts of freestyle- and stunt scooters. We even got some SK custom scooters, you will only find here. Maybe you had bought a freestyle scooter some time ago, and you are looking for some new parts now. We are well known for our extensive range of scooter spare parts like: scooter decks, bars, forks - we even offer spare screws and axels for a lot of models. Within a given timeframe most warranty requests are fullfilled and you keep on riding. As we are in cooperation with all brands, we can offer every tiny or huge item directly out of our own stock. Feel free to surf around and check all our kick scooter, top brands including Cityscooter for Adults and specialised freestyle scooters.

Starting at an entry level, there is no limitation to the top. You can build an as excklusive and crazy custom scooter as you want to. In the best case you got a SK Shop gift card and you order right away. Anyways we are offering you a broad variety of payment options, even invoice or split payments are possible. We want you to hit your favorite skatepark as fast as possible with your new parts, that's why we have choosen for the top partners if we are talking about delivery. In most cases you will get your order in about 48h to max. 3 workings days after you did the purchase.

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