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Are you looking for the best freestyle scooters on the market? Here at the Europe based SK-Shop we offer you only the best freestyle scooter brands this plant has right out of our own warehouse! We traveled the world to connect to the hottest suppliers and upcoming Brands out there. Once when Envy / Blunt, FASEN, Invert, Phoenix, Nitro Circus and Ethic DTC were not known by a lot of people; we were already making deals with them. Use the promocode "MYNEWSCOOTER" to get a 5% price reduction on every complete we have.


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We at SK-Shop have known freestyle Scooters since the early years. We have left a lasting mark on the scene in all European regions, but especially in the German-speaking region. In Germany and Austria, without exaggerating, every second rider knows us. You too can trust the large selection, the low prices and the perfect service here at the number 1 freestyle Scooter shop on the net. Further down, plus on the various encyclopaedia and blog pages, you will find extra information on the subject of freestyle Scooters. Do you already know your way around and are you looking for a very special freestyle Scooter from a certain brand? Or do you want to find out about buying your first stunt scooter?

Whether you're a professional rider or an absolute novice, you've come to the right place! You will find the best freestyle Scooter completes from the hottest brands in the scene. The SK-Shop is the number 1 official Envy / Blunt Scooters Europe partner. In addition, many other hot brands distribute their entire stock and all new models directly through our shop. We guarantee delivery from our own warehouse directly to your delivery address.

All spare parts for all freestyle Scooters, in all colours and designs, are available from us in large quantities. If a freestyle Scooter spare part is not directly available, we will provide an alternative without compromise; or for a spare part delivery directly from the manufacturer to you.

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Are you looking for a golden freestyle Scooter? Or do you prefer a raw metallic look? Do you prefer to ride with a T-bar, or is a light Y-handlebar your first choice? The SK-Shop carries freestyle Scooters in all variations, from the latest model of the current season to the tried and tested classics. We have an extra large selection and know what you are looking for as a real rider.



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If you like, you can use our practical links and web recommendations to inform yourself perfectly about the latest freestyle Scooter. We are always happy to share our practical knowledge with you, no question is too much and no problem is unsolvable. We always look forward to your enquiry(s) if you need more freestyle Scooter buying tips, information or practical knowledge. You are guaranteed to find all new freestyle Scooter releases here at SK-Shop Germany first in the programme. Look forward with us to the next season and the cool new trick scooters, freestyle scooters and stunt scooters. More information on the SK-Shop top brands can be found on the following page: SK-Shop brands, the hottest brands in the universe!






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