Blunt One S3 Complete Green/Orange

Item number 10239
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Blunt ONE S3 - Green/Orange new 2021 The new S3's are back, with the 3-series Blunt fills the place of the very popular high quality stunt scooters in the entry level class.

This complete scooter was built from high quality, durable parts and is perfectly designed for the young scooter beginner. Whether you are riding on the pavement or preparing for the ride in the skate park, the Blunt One S3 for beginners is best suited to advance to the more advanced riders. Suitable as the best professional scooter for boys and girls aged 5 to 9 years.

Looking for bright colours? Fortunately, the extensive range offers a wide choice of modern bright two-tone colours, produced with high quality powder coating.

With these features, it's hard for the competition to beat this high quality entry-level scooter. This versatile lightweight scooter is so well balanced that it can be used in all areas with the smallest scooter package on the market. The Blunt is a 1A beginner scooter of the highest quality.

The total weight is only 3.2kg.

SK Conclusion: True versatility with high quality parts for the best entry into the world of stunt scooter riding.

Contains: 1x New complete scooter Blunt One S3

Blunt One S3 2021 Features

Deck: Blunt Deck ONE Series 6061-T6 ALUMINIUM v2
                    Head tube angle 82.5°.
                    Fully integrated headset
                    Cover length 495 mm / 19.5" (495 mm / 19.5")
                    Cover width 120 mm / 4.7" (cover width)

BAR: 4130 High tensile strength Chromo-Bar
                    Rod height 550mm / 21,7
                    Bar width 520 mm / 20.5 in.

GRIPS: new 160 mm long TPR handles
                     new nylon rod ends

Clamp: 2 bolts 6061 ALUMINIUM clamp 6061
                     2x 5 mm high quality bolts / end screws

Fork: 4130 iHC fork in high chrome plated steel
                    Compatible with iHC forks up to 125mm diameter rollers

WHEELS: 100mm 5-spoke wheels
                    6063 Aluminium extrusion press
                    With polyurethane rubber 86A
                    ABEC 9 ball bearing

                    screw/brake bolt 5mm

INFO: Total weight of 3,2 kg
                    Maximum load capacity 100 kg
                    total height ca. 78 cm
                    Cover plates for the front panel
                    Rear insert and rear space system 2018

Profit from the SK-Shop and the extensive Blunt Scooter warranty service! We are Blunt's brand partner for Europe.