Build your own stunt scooter

It's not that easy to ride your stunt scooter by yourself. There are a lot of parts that need to be checked for compatibility, and that can't fit. In addition, incorrect assembly can cause excessive wear and tear or even destruction of parts. This short tutorial/guide will give you some tips on how to assemble your stunt scooter correctly.

The different parts needed to build your own scooter are :

1x Deck

Brake and bolts included if indicated.

1x Fork

All forks do not fit 110mm wheels

1x Bar An OverSized bar requires an Oversized clamp.
1x Headset          Make sure that the threads are compatible with the fork.
1x Compression System Wide choice between ICS, HIC and SCS
1x Handgrips (pair)     

Handgrips fit all handlebars if indicated

1x Clamp

An OverSized collar requires an Oversized bar.

1x Grip Tape

Wide choice, some will have to be cut to fit them

2x Wheels Check if they are sold in pairs and if the bearings are included.

The Different Parts

Advice and recommendations :

- Be accompanied by an adult during assembly.

- Use the appropriate tools.

- Allow at least 3 hours for assembly (for the first time).

- If you use lighter parts, then keep in mind that they may break more easily.

- We recommend that riders choose a headset without threads and a fork with a compression system.

- When you receive the package, check that you have all the parts and that they are compatible with each other.

- Always tighten the bolts and nuts before riding and use the scooter correctly. Replace worn parts when necessary.

- After multiple uses, a play will certainly appear in the headset and this will often be accompanied by a noise (tightening the clamp will help to limit this play).

- Avoid water, sand and wet areas - as well as multitudes of failed tricks ;).

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