From now on also at the SK-Shop, your number 1 partner for the fat Eretic Snowscooter. Winter sports fun at its best, with a Snowscoot of the upper class. Check here below the specs of the two hot snowscooters.


Eretic Snowscoot SK Shop

All scene insiders certainly know the Snowscoot by the top brand Eretic for a season or two. Maybe you have seen in the newsstreams of the stunt scooter brands: French ID, Addict or Ethic DTC news of the Snowscoot seen. Maybe there was the first meeting in Insta of a pro rider. Did you know that the Eretic Snowscoot was designed by freestyle scooter legend Kevin Demay?!

The Eretic Snowscoots are 100% inspired, produced and marketed from the stunt scooter scene. If you are a talented stunt scooter rider, then you start with an Eretic Snowscoot on the slopes through like an experienced rider with many practice hours.

The riding experience is unique, the tricks from the bowl or from your favorite street spots are now also possible on the slopes! Set new standards now and show the crew how your snowscoot style looks like.

You order the Eretic Snowscoot at the SK-Shop for a real online offer price. You have the choice between a piste and an off-piste model. Here under the section you can find all the details of the two mega phatten freestyle snowscooters.

Eretic Snowscoot comparison

What is the difference between the Eretic Slope and the Powder Snowscoot? We'll show you all the product specs and the differences between the two models here.

The biggest difference is in the handlebar and the respective fork system. Depending on the terrain and slope conditions, the Slope or the Powder is the best choice. Just as the names suggest, the Eretic Slope Snowscooter is better suited for groomed runs, and the Powder Snowscoot is your off-piste and off-piste partner.

The Powder Snowscoot from the Eretic brand weighs about 500 gr. more than its Slope counterpart. The handlebar height is 720 mm for both models. The wide decks with spikes on the top allow a variety of tricks. Snowboard boots, or special winter boots, or regular thick skate shoes are suitable for Snowscoot riding.

Snowscoot ERETIC product data

    Height of the handlebar: 720 mm
    Bar width: 620 mm
    Deck length: 580 mm
    Deck width: 140 mm
    Deck angle: 81°.
    Compression system: HIC
    System trunnion fork
    Material: Aluminum 6061 T6 / 4130 CR

            Slope: 5160 gr.
        Powder: 5630 gr.
    Fork system:
        Slope: pivot fork
        Powder: pivot fork

Product video Eretic Snowscoot

Experience now the Snowscoot Feeling Live, in the great video of the Pro Crew of Eretic. Who doesn't want to conquer the next slope today?!




Here at the SK-Shop, we deliver your Eretic Snowscooter throughout Europe within 1-3 days free of shipping costs. If you have any questions about assembly or possible spare parts, we are your first point of contact at any time. Scoot ON and let it snow!

We recommend a helmet at all times when you are riding a Snowscoot. Please always make sure that the use of a snowscooter is possible on the respective slope. Ride carefully and with consideration for all other winter sports participants.