Blunt is stirring up the stunt scooter scene the last years with a unique new model! Available in 4x cool colours. Of course still available at the SK-Shop, as long as our stock last. Check out the Envy Blunt ONE now!


Blunt ONE freestyle Scooter

After the success of the previous ONE S' series we didn't think the bar could be raised even higher, but once again our top brand Blunt has exceeded all our expectations.

The One S3 model had set a new standard for entry-level stunt scooters, bringing some of the most advanced components to the top of the range. Designed for younger riders aged 5-9, the Blunt One S3 had offered everything you needed to take your sccoter riding skills from amateur to professional in a skate park or street spot.

Built using some of the most advanced and durable stunt scooter parts we've ever seen on an entry-level scooter, the One S3 almost bridges the gap to the mid-range without the increased price. The 2021 S3 was the absolute tip for all young riders.

The One S3's 19" long and 7.75" wide aircraft aluminium deck provided the perfect blend of weight and strength, while still offering plenty of room for the growth of younger riders. The feet had enough freedom and space to safely practice the first real freestyle tricks.

The S3 ONE complete stunt scooter was built in a one-piece construction to increase strength and is made from 4130 chrome molybdenum steel. The footprint is 21.65" long and 20.5" wide, ideal for younger riders. As standard on all Blunt / Envy scooters, the ONE also features soft, durable TPR handles that match the colour scheme.

Following the scooter industry's move to larger, wider wheels, the One S3 with 110mm x 24mm metal core wheels was equipped with an outer surface of high quality 86A polyurethane to ensure a smooth, non-slip ride both in the skate park and on the road. Here at SK-Shop you will find a wide range of suitable 110mm reserve wheels.

With a height of 31.1", a length of 25.6" and a weight of less than 4kg. this scooter has exactly the height, length and weight a younger rider needs to master the basics and get to the next level. In addition, the One S3 was available in a range of 6 vibrant two-tone decors of which we are big fans!

Order your 2021 Blunt One S3 freestyle scooter as long as our stock last now here! The SK-Shop is Blunt Envy brand partner Europe. If you have any open questions about the old ONE S3 freestyle scooters, we are always happy to help you.




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