Freestyle Scooter Test 2020

Freestyle scooter test 2020 - the professional team riders of the SK-Shop freestyle Scooter Team have examined all new scooters and compared them with the test winners of the last years. Here you can find the best stunt scooters of the 2020 season, reports on the best scooters, results of the test and recommendations for your next purchase.

The SK-Shop is Europe's oldest and one of the biggest online freestyle scooter shops. We are, partly for decades, brand partners of the hottest brands and have tested all the scooters from our range in detail. You will find 100% high quality scooters with which you will have a lot of fun for a long time. The SK-Shop Pro Riders know what is important when testing a new scooter. With us, the test is primarily about the respective individual parts such as handlebars, fork, deck, wheels and headset. The design of each stunt scooter is only in second place and has not influenced the test results much.

In 2020 freestyle scooters have found their way to the marketplaces of Amazon, Hood, Ebay & Co. Just as we predicted, in the end quality prevailed and bad items were pushed out of the market. However, if you buy a too cheap stunt scooter with too high expectations and experience the big disappointment after a few sessions, you will better think twice next time about what a reasonable price for a good model is. Here you can find everything about the test and purchase criteria for a good and affordable freestyle scooter.

At the SK-Shop we offer freestyle scooters for beginners already starting under 90,00 GBP.

With all stunt scooters you can replace or exchange the most parts as you wish. If in doubt, please inform yourself if the respective individual part is compatible. We are always happy to advise at any time.

Freestyle Scooter Test Criteria 2020

This year's test criteria for our huge freestyle scooter test were as followed. As always, all models from our range were tested as standard. For this purpose we independently selected one scooter of each model series from our stock. This scooter was checked over several days by our riders for stability, riding comfort and quality of the individual parts during the test run. At the end and for the final evaluation we received a comprehensive feedback from our freestyle riders.

We can say, with 100% certainty that we offer you only really high-quality freestyle scooters. The results of the most popular and best stunt scooters from the comparison can be seen in the overview below. You won't find any brands with dubious reputation with us. The purchase price is not even the biggest distinguishing feature. During our stunt scooter test, it became clear which brands had invested in the development of top individual parts. We are very happy when we see how many innovations have been released in the last few years - and what else is planned for the future.

Currently you can find a whole range of high quality trick scooters under 100GBP which all passed our scooter test with flying colours. Among others from top brands like BLUNT / Envy or Grit Scooters. A top stunt scooter does not have to cost much. With a budget of 160 GBP you are already in the lower upper class of the scooter world. Brands like Triad, Blunt, Ethic DTC, Flavor, Phoenix and MGP Madd Gear have awakened you. Check the collection here.

Starting at about 180 GBP we offer you the absolute upper class of freestyle scooters. This includes also the exclusive SK Shop limited custom build scooters. These are stunt scooters designed by our Pro Team riders in limited numbers. Only the very best parts were used to build them. Again here the experience by our scooter tests of the past years played a role.

Test result 2020 Freestyle scooter

With our freestyle scooter test in 2020 there was again no clear winner or loser. We can truly say that all tested models are worth their money and perform very well in any skate park. Of course all tested scooters are also suitable for shredding at all your street spots.

If you order a stunt scooter at us, we assure you the best possible price-performance. In addition, we offer you our after Sales Service, all spare parts for each model are guaranteed to be in stock and available in large quantities, even after many years.

Take a look at the results of Stunt Scooter Test now and find your ideal model from our range.

Brand / Model Invert TS 1.5 Blunt Colt S4 Ethic DTC Erawan Blunt Prodigy S8 Triad Delinquent
Deck material Aluminium 6 Series Alu Deck heat treated 6061 T6 heat treated Aluminium Aluminium 6061-T6 heat treated Triad Twin Tube Alu
Deck size 44.5cm x 11cm 49,5cm x 12cm 52,5cm x 11,4cm 49,5cm x 12cm 50,5cm x 12cm
Fork Armierter Stahl IHC 4130 heat treated two-pieces 6061 forged Aluminium Double-Aluminium 6061 IHC 6061 ALT6 forged / CNC-Gabel
Bar High tensile steel Y-bar High tensile steel bar 6061 Aluminium heat treated T6 lowcut Alu 7er Serie Aluminium
Bar height 49cm 52cm 62cm 62cm 60cm
Wheels PU 86 A / 110mm PU 86A / 110mm / ABEC 9 PU 88A / 100mm. / ABEC PU 86A / 120mm PU / 120mm
price [GBP] 82.82 156.56 184.19 202.57 234.86

SK-Shop freestyle Scooter Test overview

* Results: March 2020

Conclusion freestyle Scooter Test

Finally, we share with you the following conclusion by our freestyle scooter test this year. The Invert TS is the perfect beginner scooter for little riders who are doing their first laps. Due to the stable construction the kids scooter is very stable while riding too. The price-performance is optimal! For experienced scooter riders, the models by BLUNT / Envy or Ethic DTC are more suitable. Even in the middle price segment you will find scooters with which high jumps, grinds and even heavy bowl sessions are no problem at all.

The tested models by Triad and Ethic DTC are mainly aimed at the street riders among you. They are particularly light but also very strong scooters by our range.

The Triad Delinquente is this year's top model. You can find even more very good stunt scooters for advanced riders here at the shop section: Pro freestyle scooter. These are scooters for experienced riders. Here we offer all young riders an overview of good freestyle scooters for beginners.

Many freestyle scooter newcomers and beginners forget that it is an article of daily use sometimes. Every freestyle scooter has wearing parts that needs to be replaced from time to time. The wheels on every scooter wear out particularly quick. If you land a few times wrong, you risk that the rubber will come off the roller. This is not a material defect, it is pure wear and tear on improper handling. It can also happen with a particularly high jump or a violent landing that cracks form in the fork, bar or deck. Of course we always check if a complaint is a production error. But often you can see that it is a sign of wear and tear.

In our encyclopedia for freestyle scooters on our website here at the SK Shop we give you important tips and tricks for the assembly and maintenance of all parts. Below you will find links around these topics. In the near future, we will continue to test all new freestyle scooters extensively and tell you about our experiences. We will certainly be happy if you share your personal opinion with us.

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From now on the search for the best stunt scooter is even easier with us. You can open and inspect the scooters by manufacturer or category. You can also filter all models by size. For example extra large or small freestyle scooters. Plus you can now also search for the compression system or simply by your favorite color.