Freestyle Scooter forks for custom made trickscooters are a very important part of each freestyle Scooter. The fork influences the steering behavior and feeling. We offer high quality forks for all compression systems. At the SK-Shop you have the choice of all known and reliable brands like: Anaquda, BLUNT / Envy, TILT, Ethic DTC, Urban Artt, PRIME and many more.



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Do you want to pimp and convert your freestyle Stunt Scooter? Here you will find forks for freestyle Scooter completes but also for your own personal self-assembled individual Trickscooter. Before buying you need to match the fork to your compression system and the size of your wheels. Our pros have created a separate page with tips and tricks on the subject of all different freestyle Scooter Forks.

If your budget is very small this year, then we recommend you take a look at all the extra cheap freestyle Scooter Forks. We offer Forks with up to 50% discount and more at our freestyle Scooter Part Sale.

By choosing your freestyle Scooter Fork you determine the wheel size, the headset type, the handlebar and the compression - system for your setup. Therefore, it is very, very important that you choose a fork that fits the other parts. If you are now doubtful or unsure, it's no problem at all. Our Pro's from the freestyle Scooter team of the SK Shop always like to advise and recommend. Just send us a short message here.


Which freestyle Scooter Fork fits?


If you build the first own freestyle Scooter, then the compression system and our how-to's will explain themselves. Written it is difficult to explain exactly why one system is built this way, and the other one the other way. In addition, the various forks and bars with can be made to fit with an adapter . There are special Grind Peg axles, and other options that make the specific choice of the perfect fork for you difficult. When time goes on, your experience grows around the complex topic of freestyle Scooter Parts, and Trickscooter Forks. Every rider who has been around for a few years knows the benefits from personal experience. Ask around and learn by the older riders when it comes to matching parts.

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