Loaded complete Basalt Tesseract Blue

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the BASALT Tesseract is the logical further development of the popular Tesseract from the Top Longboard Brand Loaded. Like the Tarab, this board has an additional layer of basalt. Basalt is a dark volcanic rock, which is espeCIally used in road construction and provides additional damping. the workmanship is again very Loaded typical, and of course made of bamboo with fiberglass. But there is also a layer of cork on the underside, which also supports the overall integrity, and an additional layer of basalt for extra flow. Twin Tip Shape with 2 nice kicks give the whole thing a good shot of freestyle. the Concave is minimally more prominent than the Chubby. New is the adjustable wheelbase, which on the one hand slightly influences the performance and on the other hand also reduces or increases the kicks. the minimal rocker provides a very good board feeling and supports stance and control.      

LOADED COMPLETE BASALT TESSERACT Specs       length: 39" / 99 cm    width: 9.5" / 24 cm    Centre distance: 24.5? and 26? / 62.2 cm and 66 cm    Nose & Tail: 7.25? / 18.4 cm (tip to inner bolt on 24.5? wheelbase)    Concave: 0.30? / 0.76 cm (at W peak), 0.39? / 0.99 cm (at W trough)    Rocker: 0.33? / 0.84 cm    Wedging angle: 3.5°    Weight: 4.5 lbs / 2.0 kg (with grip)    Colour: BLUE       ROCKER: the board has a lower center of gravity = stability.     WHEEL WELL FLARES: More space for big rolls.     W CONCAVE: For good support and ergonomic standing.     SYmmETRICAL SHAPE: Ride in both directions     KICKTAILS: Fully fiuntionable, for that extra pinch of pop.     VARIABLE WHEELBASE: Find your optimal wheelbase. Attention: Due to the rocker, both axes are positively wedged by 3.5°. Loaded recommends to drive the Tesseract with axles with a steering angle lower than 50°. Optimal are 40° - 45°.


Lightweight, mid-sized wheels for freeride and freestyle. We deliver:

        Basalt Tesseract Deck
        Paris 180mm 43° axles
        Orangatang 70mm Stimulus wheels
        Loaded Jehu V2 Bearings (with integrated spacers and speed rings)
        Loaded Button Head Hardware


The short wheelbase is fitted as standard.