Freestyle Scooter Decks, by Brands from all over the world at the number 1 webshop for custom build setups. Here you will find the new 2022 models of all major trick and freestyle Scooter brands. We deliver freestyle Scooter Decks among others by: Anaquada, Envy, Ethic DTC., Aztek, Fasen, Flavor, TILT, Phoenix Pro Scooters and much more. Here you can order your new freestyle scooter deck for a cheap internet price!



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Are you looking for a new freestyle Scooter deck for your self-assembled setup? Here you will find stylish stunt and freestyle Scooter decks by all quality brands, be sure to check out the new 2022 models! The SK-Shop offers the latest and best decks from over 15 different top brands. Additional to the decks, we have deck ends, grip tape and all other spare and wear parts.

When buying a freestyle Scooter deck, it is important to adjust it to your body size and your skills. In case of doubt, our pros by the SK-Shop team are always happy to advise you, click here to contact us. And here you can find a category full of tips and tricks for the different deck models and further recommendations for buying a freestyle scooter deck: Deck How to.

Be sure to use our freestyle Scooter deck filter options here in the category. You can sort or filter all decks by price, release date, color and wheel size. By default you see all decks in the store sorted by the bestsellers. With one click you switch to a sorting to the cheapest freestyle Scooter deck. If you like, you can sort the high-quality freestyle Scooter decks at SK-Shop by manufacturer or name.


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The deck of your freestyle trickscooter is the main base. It must fit your figure, and especially your feet. Furthermore, the deck choice also depends very much on your favorite riding style; street or park. To maximize the good feeling to the deck, and to ensure optimal grip for all tricks, a good grip tape is a basic requirement. Griptapes are wearing parts which should be replaced regularly. It is also very important that you mount a suitable headset. Or you buy a matching deck to the current headset, fork and bar that you already own.



Warranty freestyle Scooter Deck

Every skateboarder knows that a regular deck can break on any jump or trick. Pro riders come to a contest with a whole stack of decks. As soon as a landing was not quite 100%, a hairline crack can occur easily. Furthermore, the angular forces by the handlebars over the headpart into the welds to the deck are extreme! If you hold on to the handlebar with all your weight and land back weighted - damage to the deck is almost inevitable. Logically, no brand takes over inquiries about possible guarantees, which are due to improper use.

Cracks around the welds, cracks at the box ends or at other joints can only be avoided if you always land well. Every crash landing into the flats battles the quality of the parts. Especially the deck and the bar are stressed by bad landings. Enclosed is the original text of a major brand of the scene around the deck guarantees and warranty conditions:


  •     Cracks or breaks caused by a manufacturing defect or fault for a period of up to 3 months from the date of purchase.


  •     Damage caused by external factors (e.g., damage to the deck due to impact with concrete, excessive grinding, or other damage to the deck).
  •     Brakes, inserts, axles, spacers and finishes (e.g. paint, anodizing, decals, etc.) are NOT covered under warranty.


If you discover any damage, for example a hairline crack on your deck within the first three months from the date of purchase. You are always welcome to send us some detailed photos, and we will check together with the respective brand if it is a valid case or not. We also need your customer number or order ID for each request. Finally the SK-Shop customer service team can handle your freestyle Scooter deck warranty request quickly and easily.

We guarantee a continuous extra large selection of cheap and high quality freestyle Scooter Decks. We deliver your new freestyle Scooter Deck directly from our own warehouse, within 1-5x days to your doorstep. Here you can go back to all freestyle Scooter Parts to build your own freestyle Trickscooter.