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Here you can find our contact information. We will process your request as quickly as possible at any time. We are happy if we can advise you on your purchase. You can email us or call us.

Client Service & Returns

Client service: +33 / (0)5 - 587 025 35
Monday till friday from 08:00 - 18:00h




Please return all your returns unused and including your purchase information, back to the given address below. Here on this page we explain the process of a return step-by-step.

SDG Distribution SAS
114 Rue des Vanniers
40150 / Soorts-Hossegor


International Client Service

Yes, we speak your language! Our customer service speaks the following languages and is looking forward to your inquiry.

  • German
  • Kundenservice UK English
  • Kundenservice Niederlande Dutch
  • Kundenservice Frankreich French
  • Kundendienst Spanien Spanish


Please notice, we are an international E-Commerce retailer and do not have any items in stock at our office adress, please do not visit us there, thank you! Our headquarters and warehous is situated in France. In Germany we got another return address.