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The SK-Shop Europe introduces itself. Many of our loyal customers, fans and riders still know us as Scooter-Kickboard Shop. In 2019 we have expanded our Actionsport and freestyle scooter range and of course our online shop. Since then you can find us on the net under the name SK-Shop and with a new logo.

Scooter-Kickboard has accompanied, supported and shaped the funsport scene in whole Europe since the beginning. For more than 10 years now we have been actively representing the hottest brands and their products to all stunt scooter riders. Together with us the big international funsport brands have found their way to Europe. At the SK-Shop you will find all brands from big to small, from new to classic. Many new product releases are exclusively available here.

The SK-Shop for hot freestyle scooters and the SK-Skate Shop offers you an extra large product selection. Special fun sport brands are always in stock, or available again within a short time, in case something is sold out. For example, check out the latest Blunt  / Envy freestyle Scooters Items in our shop. And here you will find an overview of all brands plus a handy A-Z list of all available top brands at the SK-Shop.

SK-Shop Company Portrait

SK stands for Scooter Kickboard. In the 2020/21 season, as well as in over 10 previous years, the SK shop is at the top of the list when it comes to fun sport or action sport articles. We love and live fun sports. Freestyle scootering, but also cruising with high quality longboards is in our blood. Our team the SK-Shop Team sees themselves as a part of the funsport community. Our fans, friends and riders live the company philosophy since the beginning of the company. New products are awaited with big eyes and presented to you with pride.

The SK-Shop ships all over Europe within the shortest time to many different customers. Tricks Scooter Riders order all the individual parts they need to build their own scooter at us. Kids buy their first freestyle scooter for beginners here, and parents can happily ride on our city scooters for adults to the next skatespot. We ship at any time from our own large warehouse. Every day the packed shipments are picked up by the carrier and send out on their way to your front door.

The dispatch warehouse is located in France. In Germany we also have a return warehouse. Our partners and customer service are linked throughout Europe.

Enclosed you will find links with more information about the SK-Shop. For example about our secure payment methods, shipping options and delivery times, as well as other interesting and practical tips for our customers.

At the very beginning we were known as a scooter shop, especially in the Munich area. From 2007 on there were hot events, a mega thick product range like no other shop at that time could offer; plus a total of over 15x team riders in different classes. Scooter-Kickboard, with its crew at that time, had a major influence on the entire German-speaking freestyle scene. We've been part of it from the beginning, and a few riders have been with us for almost 15 years now.

For the 2021/22 season we now have 2500m² of storage space at our disposal, which can even be extended if necessary. Every day we receive several new product introductions. Every week whole containers with new products come in, and all novelties are guaranteed to be available here at the SK-Shop first. Our customer service is available in English, but also in German, French, Spanish and other languages. With pride and great confidence we can now build on a 100% international and modern team.

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