RideOO Trick- & Cityscooter

Here at the SK-Shop you can get the new and stable RideOO city scooters and trick scooters at a special offer price! We are EU brand partner of the hot brand RideOO. The great scooters are extra stable and suitable for adults as well as for children and teens. Quick and easy foldable scooters with 100% high quality parts, that's what our great new brand stands for the whole family. Which model do you choose? We deliver the RideOO 120, 175 and the RideOO 200.


The new great brand RideOO is another milestone among the top brands at the SK-Shop. With RideOO we offer you very modern and stable city and children's scooters to fold. Discover now the three hot scooters by RideOO. Gladly we will advise you on the purchase, if you can not decide between the models. We deliver all RideOO scooters directly from our own large warehouse.



RideOO kids scooters

Particularly strong RideOO scooters appeal to all kids from 3 years. The sturdy scooters are foldable and equipped for many different situations. We deliver the RideOO 175 or also the RIDEOO 120 scooter in all available colors. With the RIDEOO 120 there are totally six (6x) different hot designs. The folding mechanism is super easy to use. Watch the video above and convince yourself and your kids of the new RideOO kids and teens scooter.


RideOO Cityscooter

As a replacement for the (expensive) American Xootr Scooter aluminum scooters which were available for many years here at the SK-SHOP, we now offer the new cheaper, stronger, lighter and much more appealing city scooters for adults. RideOO provides us with the RIDEOO 200 Pro Cityscooter at a real bargain price, and we pass the fat discount right on to you. You're ordering one of the best urban city scooters on the market for under 200€! With the big 200mm Wheels you are safe and fast on any terrain in the city. The RideOO 200 has the subtitle "indestructible". Which we can only confirm! Until today not one RideOO Cityscooter came back. All commuters, students and working RideOO Cityscooter owners are proud and without any breakdowns on their daily ways.


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