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Running Bikes 12,5"

Puky running wheels are the absolute classic, brand new are large running wheels for adults. The range of wheel models is growing and growing. Here at SK-Shop you can now find super modern and stylish running bikes for the coolest kids. We have very consciously chosen the modern timeless design, matching the bike of the parents. 12.5" wheels from the great EU brand Rebel Kidz, for boys and girls. The saddle height of the Rebel Kidz running wheels are adjustable from 32cm to 40cm. Height. The sturdy handlebars are continuously adjustable between 50 and 59cm. The total weight is under 4kg, and is perfectly matched to the smallest two-wheeled riders among us.

With a high-quality running bike, your child trains all the important muscles, balance and coordination. You can slowly get your kids used to cycling with a running bike and let them get to know their surroundings on a two-wheeler. From about 2 years it makes a lot of sense that you train with the children to ride a running bike. Wood bikes and plastic wheels have not appealed to us, we supply the most stable aluminum and steel running bikes with a fashionable design guaranteed to last more than one generation.



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Here at the SK-Shop you order all running bikes by the brand Rebel Kidz at an absolute knockdown price! There is no other online store or town shop that offers the running bikes in a modern look at such a low price - guaranteed! We are your number 1 running bike EU brand partner. If you like, you can find even more great fun sports articles and a whole range of high-quality trick scooters for young and old here at us.