Dogtown x Suicidal

Dogtown K-9 Rallys 99A / 52mm Pink/Orange (4 pcs) Skateboard Wheels

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Skateboard wheels DOGTOWN K-9 RALLYS 99A Pink/Orange 52mm (set of 4) for the real lovers of the very best wheels on the market. The K-9 Rallys are round-edged all-terrain skateboard wheels. They are specially designed for street and pool skateboarding. Dogtown K-9 Rallys 99a durometer wheels give you control and powerslide ability. The best of both worlds. Designed in Dogtown, manufactured in the USA.

Features DOGTOWN K-9 RALLYS 99A Pink/Orange 52mm Skateboard Wheels (Set of 4):

Size x Width x Tread

52 x 35.5 x 20