Freestyle Scooters, skateboards, action and fun sports clothing from the coolest brands in the scene. Guaranteed at a real internet price and always delivered quickly. Experience the new apparel of this season at the SK-Shop. You'll find among others: Blunt, Fasen, Suicidal Skates, Dogtown shirts and hoodies.


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Where can you find cheap branded clothing by the most fat freestyle Scooter, skate, longboard and funsport brands? Here at SK-Shop, of course! Besides freestyle Scooters and skateboards, we supply hoodies, hip bags, snap caps, shoes, old-school shirts and much more. We are number 1 Blunt brand partner and have the thick Blunt Team Hoodies in our program. We are also a MOKOVEL partner. The really chique pieces from the fashion brand Mokovel come from the freestyle Scooter scene. To satisfy every taste and style, we have been stocking our hot batik freestyle Scooter shirts from the early days of the SK shop for almost a quarter of a century now.


Kleidung für Stuntscooter Rider

The Blunt hoodies are real top sellers and in every skatepark there is a proud rider with our shirts (maybe in every second skatepark...). Want to show the world which are your favourite brands from the scene? Order now here Fasen, Mokovel, SK-Shop, Blunt Scooters and many more fat branded clothes for a fair online price. Some of the collections are limited and only available in small quantities.

Skateboarders celebrate our Dogtown and Suicidal Skates shirts and hoodies. Be sure to check out the hot skateboarding deals here at SK-Shop. What goes better with a new skate shirt than a new deck?

Here you can go back to the action sports accessories category with all the important parts and pieces for a tough appearance and a big respect in the clique.