KROM Kendama


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KROM Kendama NOIA the latest craze at SK-Shop. The origins of the NOIA series by KROM date back to 2011, when Thorkild May, the founder of the brand and former world champion, made digital paintings with MS Paint. Since KROM's inception, the NOIA series has become the brand's flagship.

In addition to the 1% shape, which we present for the first time in beech, KROM has updated the Bullseye+ bezel. The three thin white lines around the hole have been replaced with a thicker band that runs down the centre of the tama for perfect alignment from all angles.

One of the beauties of the method of the design process is that each kendama has a unique pattern.


KROM Kendama NOIA Specs

  • Super sticky KROM LOL
    Grade A beech wood
    Warp hole in the bottom tray
    Mini bearing
    Customised stickers
    Design by Thorkild May