Triad Conspiracy complete

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The new Triad Conspiracy complete Stuntscooter is the perfect scooter for a rider reaching an elite level. The industry and we the distributor do not have to be only very adaptive, but also keep up with the insanity of the tricks and possibilities devolping out there on the streets and skateparks. Having some of the best riders in the world testing Triad products, we feel very confident in delivering a scooter that does just that. Offering the highest level of technology with a 7 Series Aluminum Extortion Bar and a Forged Diablo deck!  ‘The Conspiracy’ is tough check it out now. It also comes fitted with the Oath Stalker Wheel which is 28mm in width and 115mm big. The perfect size, if you listen to Triad.

Clamping this top scooter together is the Oath Cage Oversized 2 Bolt Clamp and to compliment it, the Oath Shadow Fork. Parts you won't find at this price level of scooter on the market elswhere. This super-duper-Stunt-Scooter weights only 3.69kg. and is lighter than his big brother the Blackmail complete.

The Conspiracy is perfect for anyone who rides heavy or simply wants an After-Market style scooter straight out of the box. We are more than proud to be able to present you this highlight out of our sortiment by new partner brands.

KEY FEATURES Triad Conspiracy complete

  • Triad Diablo 4.7” x 20.5” (120 x 520mm) deck, sealed front & rear deck inserts
  • Triad Fend Off fender/brake system
  • Oath Shadow IHC 6061 T6 Aluminium forged and CNC Fork
  • 115mm x 28mm Oath Stalker wheels
  • Triad Extortion forged & CNC bar W 23” x H 24.5” (590 x 625mm)


Productvideo TRIAD Conspiracy


A video can say more than a thousand words! Have a look and check out this amazing product video by Triad.


Specs Triad Conspiracy complete

  • Grips: Oath 165mm / TPE 25A Softness / incl. TPR Bar Ends
    • Bar: Triad Extortion 7003 T5 Alu | width 23" x height 24.5" / (585mm x 625mm)
    • Clamp: Oath Cage OS / 2 Bolt / 6061 T6 Aluminium
    • Headseat: Sealed and integrated / superior outer chrome bearings
    • Deck & Neck: Triad concave / Triad Diablo forged | width 4.7" x length 20.5" / (120mm x 520mm)
    • Fork: Oath Shaddow IHC / 6061 T6 Aluminium CNC forged
    • Wheel core: Oath Stalker / 28mm
    • Wheels: Oath Stalker / 115mm
    • Bearings: Oath fidelity Cro-Mo build for speed & durability Co-Op
    • Brake: Triad Fend Off 2 in 1 fender and brake system NEU
  • Extras: Triad Bar Allignment System

    Weight: 3.69kg.

  • Height: 88cm