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Tilt DURARE SPOKED freestyle Scooter Wheels 110mm Black (2 x pcs)

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Tilt DURARE SPOKED stunt and freestyle scooter replacement wheels. Supplied as a pair, 2x pieces. Do you know the dilemma of having to choose between more grip or more speed when buying new wheels for a scooter? Well, this dilemma is now over! The Durare Spoked Stunt Scooter wheels from Tilt are the perfect answer to both of these core requirements.

Tested and approved by Team Tilt riders and ready to go right out of the box. You don't really need to break in the wheels! But it can't hurt. Like many other Tilt stunt scooters and scooter parts, these wheels had to prove themselves in intensive tests with riders in the field before they came onto the market!


Tilt DURARE SPOKED wheels Technical data

  • Wheel diameter: 110mm or 120mm
    Ball bearings and spacers: included in delivery
    Wheel hardness: 86A
    Wheel centre design: spokes
    Weight: 280g
    Number of wheels per package: 2x pieces
    Wheel centre material: aluminium
    Wheel profile: rounded
    Ball bearing accuracy: Not specified
    Ball bearing size: 608
    Axle diameter: 8 mm
    Wheel width (hub): 24, 30mm




Alles, was du noch mehr brauchst, ist ein kompatibles Scooter Deck und eine passende Scooter Gabel, und schon bist du bereit, eine ganz neue Art des Fahrens zu entdecken.