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Lucky LUNAR 100mm freestyle Scooter Wheel Neochrome (1 x Stück)

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Lucky LUNAR 100mm Neochrome Wheel (1x piece). These Lunar Hollow Core wheels bring a new energy to freestyle scooters. Made with an anodised core and Lucky's special urethane sauce bounce technology for a smooth, well balanced ride.



Lucky LUNAR 100mm Neochrome (X1) Wheel Specifications

- Diameter: 100 mm
- Ball bearing and distance holder: included
- Hardness: 86A
- Core construction: Hollow core
- Weight: 150g
- Core material: 6061 T6 aluminium
- Wheel profile: Rounded
- Ball bearing accuracy: Not specified
- Ball bearing size: 608
- Shaft diameter: 8mm
- Hub width: 24mm
- Sold per unit