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Aztek Trilogy 110mm Wheels

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Aztek Trilogy Stunt Scooter Wheel 110mm 

The Triology Stunt Scooter wheels from Aztek Scooter is the trend of scooter riders. As the name suggests, the spokes are 3-fold double spoked and are ideal for the street area and in the skate park. By splitting the spokes a lot of weight was saved, the wheel weighs only an incredible 216 grams and is currently one of the lightest wheels on the market. The 88A PU was developed in a very complex 3 degrees of hardness process and therefore the wheel has a longer life span compared to conventional stunt scooter wheels. The wheels have a super grippy feeling thanks to the secret PU mixture.

All pro scooter riders love this wheel among others Dan Barret, Logan Fuller and many more.

Features of the Aztek Trilogy Wheel:

6XXX Aluminum
Size: 110mm
PU Hardness 88A
width: 24mm
Grippy Feeling
Weight: 216 grams
Double Spoked Triology Design
EDET Urethane Compound
delivery : 1 pair of wheels without ball bearing