Longway Scooter

Longway Scooter Titanium Bar HIC/SCS Kronos 70 cm

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The new Longway Kronos Titanium T Bar is the new hit of the stunt scooter scene. As the name suggests, Kronos, the embodiment of Greek mythology, is the Youngest Son of the Earth, or rather, "The Leader of the Titans."

The bar is made of Titanium and weighs only an incredible 595 grams, making it one of the lightest stunt scooter bar in the world. The fire did not miss a thing to create a perfect oversized bar, 700mm high, 610mm wide, HIC and SCS compatible. The value for money speaks of itself! The handlebar is great for park as well as street stunt scootering

SK CONCLUSION: "Tip Top Bar for the small wallet!"


Features of the Titanium Kronos Bar:

Style: T - Bar
Height 700mm
Width: 610mm
Weight 595 grams
with clamping slot
Oversized Titanium Bar with 34.9mm outer diameter
HIC ready and SCS capable (If you want to use a SCS you have to shorten the bar around the clamp slot or buy a SCS adapter)
Color in Chrome