Ethic DTC.

Ethic DTC Merrow V2 Fork

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"Ethic DTC."  Parts for the experts among the scooter riders, the makers of these products did not want to ban the beginners and advanced riders from our sport, but they wanted to give the really good riders cheap, light and beautifully designed material to make riding even more fun. However, due to the design and the lightness of the parts the rider is expected to have a high level of clean riding performance. Beginners and advanced riders have simply not reached this level yet and should please not use these parts.  So we at S-K would like to ask you to compare the parts on the market not only because the product has a history and may be "nice to have". The ethic parts are only made and intended for top drivers! Please take our advice to heart, thank you.

The new Merrow Fork is the further development of the VI which will continue to exist, the VII is so incredibly stylishly modified from the outside and elaborately crafted that this is also reflected in the price, an absolute PROFI part of the extra class. The V2 was also tuned to the limit with a CNC milling to save weight and to create a unique look.

Resistance & weight were the key elements in the design of the Ethic DTC Merrow V2. The fork also comes with an integrated crown race (headset ring) and removable spacers, with a 10mm offset. The axles come with rounded screw heads to increase durability.

Technical fact's about the Merrow fork:

7075 T6 forged ALU
integral bearing seat
suitable for wheels 100 and 110 mm
integrated spacers
218 grams light
comes without ICS 10 bolt, this must be ordered separately if you want to combine the fork with an ethic bar