Blunt Scooter Box-Ends

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Blunt scooters rumble up the scene with the latest nylon box-ends and allow you to easily convert almost any blunt deck into a street scooter deck. The Box Ends are installed like normal pegs and are bolted to the deck with the rear axle. The nylon makes the grind's extremely butter-smooth and provides better stability on all kinds of different obstacles, but you can also feel the differences in the park. Besides the smooth grinds, the plugs offer a great protection against dents and cracks on the back deck and are very robust.

The Blunt Rear Box Ends are available in three different sizes 120mm / 125mm / 131mm
Blunt Box Ends compatibility list

120mm / 4.75":

Blunt ONE Models
Blunt KOS models
Blunt Prodigy models
Blunt COLT models
Blunt AOSV4 LTD Deck - Ray Warner & Jon Reyes
Blunt AOSV4 Deck - Jon Reyes, Warick Beynon, Ray Warner
Blunt AOSV4 S Deck
Blunt 2017 Completes Scooter- KOS S4, Prodigy S5, COLT S2
125mm / 4.9":

AOSV4 LTD Deck - Warick Beynon aka Wazzah, Max Peters & Flavio Pesenti
AOSV4 Deck - Charles Pedal & Flavio Pesenti
131mm / 5.1":

AOSV4 LTD - Charles Pedal Deck