Blunt AOS V5 Deck Ray Warner

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Raymond Warner's thriving style has reached the park and mega ramps around the world for years.

The deck is covered with a "shimmer" colour - light blue with metallic shine and wrapped in the personalised "RW Squid" design. Ray's graphics include all the creatures of the deep blue sea. Ray is simply afraid of open water and this drawing represents him outside his comfort zone when it comes to driving and daily life....... Always push, always get ahead!

Ace Of Pades Version 5, this deck is packed with a new design and exclusive features and is available in 2 sizes here at the SK Shop. Including removable box ends!

Blunt AOS V5 Deck Ray Warner Features

Deck 1:

  •     Width: 120mm
  •     Length: 515mm
  •     Angle: 83 degrees
  •     Weight: 1,6 kg

Deck 2:

  •     Width: 130mm
  •     length: 559mm
  •     Angle: 82.5 degrees
  •     Weight: 1,7 kg