Blunt AOS V5 Deck Jonathan Perroni

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Jonathan Perroni is a Blunt Team freestyle scooter rider who gives the impression that his technique is accessible to everyone and gives every trick a personal touch, no matter where he drives it.

His deck is covered with a liquid grey quality paint and wrapped in his personal drawing "French Love". This drawing is a combination of all the things Jonathan loves, with his French pride exploding through it all.

Ace Of Pades Version 5, this deck, packed with a new design and exclusive features, is now available in two different sizes here at SK Shop. Removable Box Ends!

Blunt AOS V5 Deck Jonathan Perroni Features

Deck 1:

  •     Width: 153mm
  •     Length: 584mm
  •     Angle: 84 degrees
  •     Weight: 2 kg

Deck 2:

  •     Width: 140mm
  •     length: 559mm
  •     Angle: 84 degrees
  •     Weight: 1,7 kg