Bestial Wolf Scooter

Bestial Wolf Scooter Deck Duchemin 53cm Black - Black

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Bestial Wolf, the brand of scooters for beginners/advanced riders, presents the brand new deck signed by professional driver Thomas Duchemin. Duchemin and Bestial Wolf have been searching for the perfect deck for a long time and with the right conscience and knowledge, the special deck was made for Thomas and his fans.


Thanks to the high quality ultralight aluminium, this deck weighs only 1340 grams. With a length of 530 mm and a comfortable width of 120 mm, this deck is perfect for use in streets and parks.

The deck is therefore very stable and well balanced. The head tube, thanks to forged ALU technology, is much stronger than conventional aluminium head tubes, so it offers more safety and stability while driving.

The included Droma Flex Steel Brake is a special, round shaped brake for the wheel, which not only protects the wheel from flattire, but also slows the wheel down slowly and safely.

This deck has two different length variations, 53 cm and 56 cm.
Colours available in black, polished, rainbow and black tide.



High-quality 6061 heat-treated aluminium T6
Integrated Deck
Weight: 1340 grams
Deck length: 530 mm
Deck width: 120 mm
Head tube angle: 82.5°.
high forced neck
Signature logo
Concave: 0
Color: black

Includes: deck, axle and brake Droma Flex Steel