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Aztek Tesla Deck

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Aztek Tesla Deck

Aztek is an American brand that manufactures high quality freestyle scooters, Aztek Scooters has developed some of the most innovative deck to date. The Tesla deck was one of the first decks manufactured.


The Tesla is made entirely of 6061-T6 aluminum, which makes it solid and lightweight. Indeed, the views of the dimensions of the deck, its weight is really light with only 1430 grams on the scale. The edges of the deck are flat, which avoids getting hurt heavily during Tailwhip and Fingerwhip. The headtube is forged in 3D aluminum which makes it almost unbreakable. The size of the tray allows the use of 125mm diameter wheels.


The Aztek Tesla board is a high-end deck with both Street and Skatepark dimensions, but is very affordable, which is rare for a deck of this size.


Deck Azteck Tesla Features

  • Width: 114mm
  • Deck length: 533mm
  • Headtube angle: 82.5 °
  • Materials: Aluminum 6061
  • Weight: 1430g
  • Deck design: One room
  • Headset: Integrated 1 1/8 "
  • Wheel diameter: 100mm, 110mm, 120mm, 125mm
  • Deck Spacers: Included
  • Brake Type: Flex Fender Steel (included)
  • Axis: Included