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Aztek Fountain Scooter Deck DB Dan Barrett 5" x 22" in Black / Red

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Aztek Signatur DB Dan Barrett Fountain DECK 22"

Based on the FountainFive model, Aztek has created a deck especially for rider Dan Barrett. The aggressively colored deck with the combination of red and black will not leave you indifferent. The rider is known for his versatility and style, hence the solidity of the deck. The 3D forged headtube with quality welds offers great impact resistance and allows Dan Barrett to do Noz-manuals all day long.

The deck is made entirely of 6061 aluminium, extremely light and strong, the deck weighs only 1650 grams on the scale. The tray is hollowed out at the bottom, which makes the deck 25% lighter without changing its strength. Two large rails to make clean slides and give great stability. The box ends at the bottom of the deck replace the pegs for a greater variety of tricks such as Five-0 and 50-50, the rider's favorite slide.

Dan Barrett's signature deck is a high end deck with versatile dimensions for street and skatepark use.


Features Dan Barrett Fountain 22" Deck:
Deck width : 127mm
Deck length: 559mm
Headtube angle: 82.5°.
Materials: Aluminum 6061
Weight: 1650g
Deck design: One piece
Headset: Built-in 1 1/8
Wheel diameter: 100mm, 110mm, 120mm, 125mm
Deck Spacers: Included
Brake Type: Flex Fender Steel (included)
Axis: Included