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Native Orca Double Clamp freestyle Scooter

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Native Orca Double freestyle Scooter Clamp, the new extra strong clamp for your self-built freestyle scooter. The Orca Clamp by Native impresses with its clean lines, the enormous clamping force and the lightweight aluminum body. Two thick M8 screws are responsible for the reliable connection of the bar of a freestyle scooter, which can be easily loosened or tightened as needed.

Thanks to the removable washer, this scooter clamp fits both standard and oversize handlebars.


Native Orca Double Clamp Specs

  •     Clamp inner diameter: 32mm (normal), 35mm (oversized).
        Clamp size: Double
        Washer: Included
        Weight: 135g
        Material: 6061 Aluminum