Anaquda Triple V3 OS Shim Clamp

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New pressure conditions for all freestyle scooters: anaquda once again shows itself as a brand that thinks ahead! The new V3 Oversized Triple Clamp not only makes a striking statement with its stylish anaquda front cut-out - the new clamp generation has a lot to offer, especially technically:

- elliptical steel inserts allow you to screw it on quickly, they ensure an ultra-tight connection with your handlebars
- if a thread is damaged by the screwing, you can order an insert as a spare part at a low price - without having to replace the whole clamp!
- Shim provides an extremely good grip on standard handlebars thanks to its inside groove


- Material: 7075 Alu, 1-piece CNC
- Size: 34.9 mm (31.8 mm including shim)
- height: 44 mm
- Weight: 98 g (114 g including shim)