Prey freestyle Scooter Fender FRIEND Black

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By the new brand Prey, the FRIENDS Black freestyle scooter fender and brake bundle at the SK-Shop.

Prey's Friends has a large, solid 3mm butyl rubber backing that is completely silent and holds the fender in place without the nuts coming loose. The steel nuts are inserted into the slot in the fender. The thread runs the entire length of the nut, so the threaded area is much longer (9mm) than typical standard nuts.

Thin on top, strong on the bottom. A premium freestyle scooter brake to retrofit the hot Prey decks.

Prey Stunt Scooter Fender FRIEND Black Technical Features.

  •     Wheel size: fits all professional scooter wheel widths and diameters.
  •     Fender size: 50mm wide / 30mm long / 26mm high (total length 97mm).
  •     Bolt: 10mm head diameter / 3mm hexagonal
  •     Weight: 1.27oz / 36g